Creativity & Effectiveness
With No Compromises
 We strive to ensure that the services we deliver are not just completed with the highest possible quality, but exceptionally effective to provide a strong return on investment for our clients
Our Mission

At Orthoplex Solutions, we believe in “goals” – we believe that placing our eyes on our targets and holding them as our main drivers allow us to focus our attention to what matters the most.

Are you Planning To
Start or Scale Your Business?

If you would like us to help you setup your business, we are here to help. We can help you draft your business and marketing strategy, develop a full roadmap, and launch your business along side you.

Our expertise in building the foundation of your business enabling scalabality and future growth with low effort. We try to place no boundaries in our thinking and in the solution you receive.

Are you Ready to Launch Your Business Online?
As your starting your new business, you need a solid strategy on which you make decisions. We can help you with that given our experience with well practiced data-driven approach.
Web Design
We don't just develop websites, we design them. All our final products are customized for your needs to meet you audience(s) and ensure strong engagement.
Our development team builds beautiful products that are fully-responsive, SEO optimized, and operating at lightning speed. We use the most popular & up-to-date platforms globally.
We offer best-in-class hosting service, include it in your package for peace of mind. We will look after the server security and operation, and will monitor its performance 24/7/365.
Your site and assets' security is our first priority. Our team ensures keeping your data safe, forcing all data through HTTPS protocols as well as full conformance to security standards.
Our team is fully equipped to maintain your business online. We perform daily backups, site updates, monitor uptime and SEO performance keeping your site running like a well oiled engine.
Our work process

As a result of our strong project based experience, we’ve developed a solid workflow that enables us to serve our clients best. Our process provides a platform on which we can work efficiently with you in-person or remotely.

planning & strategy

Our intelligent solutions begin with a well thought-out strategy, our consultants ensure the success of your project through  a strong planning phase.

design & develop

We develop your solution based on well research market solutions to validate that your final product is easy to use and attractive to your target audience.

test & deliver

Short, iterative development cycles, combined with your ongoing feedback, keep our expert focused on success driving it to exceed your expectations.

What our clients say

Our team has completed many projects in both, business consulting and web design/services. We had the pleasure of working with local and global organizations, the following logos and testimonials are just a sample of their experience with Orthoplex Solutions.

Victor Youssef MD.CCFP
Trinity Medical

Orthoplex Solutions had a clear vision about the project, made a professional proposal and guided me step by step so that I understand my options, select the proper services easily and be able to follow the work process. I am well please with the ease of communication, the timely implementation and the whole experience. Looking forward to working with you again in the future.

Mina Shinouda, PEng
MS Team Real Estate

I approached Orthoplex Solutions to design a website for my start-up and was thrilled with the results I got! They not only designed a website but a digital identity for my company. Orthoplex Solutions team is approachable, efficient and knows how to get the job done. They understand your vision and work with you to make it a practical realty. I feel proud every time I share marketing materials with my clients!

Hany Eltalawy, P.Eng
Pharmacy Today

Fady is one of the most professional and honest web developers that I have ever dealt with, His in depth knowledge and experience for what he do, he made me a fantastic website included number of security measures, videos, graphic design, change the server, make it faster and gave me a lot of advises during this project. I would recommend Fady, hands down, to anyone looking for an application development, new product launches and project management. There is no one out there that could surpass his hard work, diligence and devotion to his clients.

Peter Saad
Saad Law
Managing Principal

Fady is a true professional. His responsiveness and effective execution on our vision is exceptional. He exceed our expectations and has a canny ability to problem solve and provide real and proficient advice.