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We specialize in testing data protection for large enterprises. To be eligible, your email domain should match with your website domain.

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At Orthoplex, we are on a mission to help businesses grow by providing seamless online experiences that captivate their audiences and encourage them to do business with them.

One of our top priorities is developing secure websites and apps that safeguard our clients’ data and protect their visitors too.

As a part of our commitment to cybersecurity, we thought to help more companies stay secure by giving away our penetration test, totally for free.

What You Get

Comprehensive Analysis

Our penetration test performs a holistic check on every single part of your website to detect any vulnerability that exists on your website or app.

Actionable Insights

We are going to send you a full report that highlights vulnerabilities, as well as the actions you should consider taking to secure your website or app.

Expert Guidance

The recommendations you get in the report will be tailored to your website by one of our experts. So, you can immediately apply them knowing they would work for you.

How it Works



Fill out the form above. To be eligible, your email domain should match with your website domain.


Receive Report

After three working days, you will receive our comprehensive report including insights on vulnerabilities and personalized recommendations.


Enhance Your Security

Use the insights gained to strengthen your website or app and protect against potential threats. Feel free to contact us if you need any guidance.

A Few Spots Left!

We are going to perform this test for only 20 companies. Once all the slots are full we will take this page down. We are still unsure if we will offer this FREE test soon. Don’t miss out on this!