Get Your New Business Website Up and Running at Peak Speed and Security in Just a Few Weeks With Our B.B.S. Launchpad.

Enjoy Exclusive Access to Premium Client-Engagement Tools That You Can Leverage for Attracting More Leads and Driving Sales.

All Plus FREE Development hours.

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Finding a software partner who can help you launch your new business website according to your standards can be a bit challenging…

If any of these ideas run through you… We’ve got your back.

Our B.B.S. Launchpad ensures a unique approach with a legit process that will help you get your dream business website running, engaging, and scalable.

We don’t use templates to launch any website. Using your brand guide lines, we build a fully custom and unique design that tailors your business goals and resonates with your target audiences.

Over the last 9 years, we have developed a proven process allowing you to build a strong foundation online for your business. This process successfully helped more than 150 of our clients to improve their online presence and grow their business.

We empower your website with premium built-in advanced tools that you can leverage to boost your website’s engagement, lead generation, and closing sales. All at no additional cost for you!

So, instead of having just a regular website for your business, now you can turn it into a savvy salesperson that hooks your visitors at first glance, engages with them 24/7 all year long, responds to their questions even when you’re not there, and qualify your leads, and capture their data so you can easily close them.

Unlike most software companies in the market, we will NOT leave you alone after the delivery of the website.

We will arm you with two main powers:

Unlike most software companies in the market, we will NOT leave you alone after the delivery of the website.
We will arm you with two main powers:

1. Knowledge

You will get FREE access to our WordPress training video library “WORDPRESS WITH ORTHOPLEX” that will teach you how to manage your website yourself so you and your team never get stuck!

You will find How-To instructional videos for all “everyday tasks” such as adding new blogs, changing text content, changing product information, and more.

2. Support:

After delivering your website, you will get a set of FREE development hours every year. That means our team can develop new features or pages to further improve your website, completely free of charge!

Listen to what Justin, Founder of Building Bridges Psychotherapy, had to say about working with Orthoplex Solutions

Justin Michel
Building Bridges Psychotherapy, Founder


  • Leverage Our Unique B.B.S. Launchpad web development approach that we developed through helping 150+ businesses over the last 8 years, and delivering 500+ successful projects.
  • Get Free Premium Access to some of the most advanced WordPress Tools that help you boost your business growth:

Dynamic no-code website

We build websites using a user-friendly platform which allows you and your team to easily perform your everyday tasks and updates.

AI Chatbot

This is one of the most advanced tools to engage with your website visitors, answer their questions, qualify your leads, and collect their data.

Advanced Filters

These filters allow your users to narrow down and search for specific content based on various criteria beyond the basic search bar.

Interactive visual effects.

These visual effects hook your users and provide them with a seamless user experience. We add these effects to keep your customers engaged and prolong their session time.

Advanced Search Feature.

This tool helps your visitors find specific content that might not easily be discovered through browsing or basic search.

Premium image optimization.

Image optimization is crucial for website loading speed and performance. This tool ensures that all images added to your website are ideal for web usage.

Premium caching.

This tool significantly improves your website speed, performance, and user experience.


We are limiting the availability of our B.B.S. Launchpad to only 15 new clients.

This helps us provide our service to you at high standards.
So, you get a high-quality website that really helps you evolve your online business.


To make our B.B.S. Launchpad a NO-BRAINER offer for you…

We are giving away 12 FREE development hours credit to each of our B.B.S. clients, every calendar year.

So, whenever you need to add a new feature to your website after the initial launch, you can leverage your free development hours.

Not just that, we also take care of all the WordPress tools subscriptions on your behalf, eliminating any hassle for you

Also, we want you to know that by claiming the B.B.S. Launchpad, you’re helping underprivileged children in Canada and the USA get introduced to the world of technology.

We dedicate 1% of our revenue to support Dayra, an Orthoplex initiative that supports kids in underserved areas.



Value-based meeting: Click the button below to claim the offer and book a meeting with our team. This meeting will help us understand your business needs and goals so we suggest custom solutions for your website.


We tailor the solutions for you then we send you the proposal.


Upon Agreement, we accept a 50% down payment then we kick off your project.



No, in order to successfully claim the B.B.S Launchpad offer, you will need to host your website on the Orthoplex Virtual Private Server (VPS). This allows us to easily implement all the tools and maintain your website afterward without affecting performance.

Every calendar year, you get 12 hours of development credit which you case use at any time. If you need to add new features or make changes to your website, all you have to do is email your Account Manager your requests and our team will take care of it. The 12 hours are nontransferrable from one calendar year to the next, which means that if you don’t use it, you lose it.

All payments are processed by Credit Cards only.

– Uptime monitoring

– Daily website backups

– Daily system security check

– Weekly system updates

– Weekly speed checks

– Integrated SSL certificate providing HTTPS encryption and boosting Google ranking.

– Web Application Firewall (WAF) preventing hackers and blocking brute-force attacks.

– Malware scanning with site cleanup and remediation.

– Elementor Pro subscription

– Premium image optimization plugin subscription

– Premium caching plugin subscription

– Hosting on Orthoplex Virtual Private Servers