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Orthoplex Solutions Leverages Project Management Strategies With An Agile Mindset

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Project management exists at the forefront of every successful software development journey. In a constantly changing industry, it is essential to maintain adaptable strategies that evolve alongside project needs. The foundation of project management was created to solve the biggest problems developers face, which is handling the continuous change in scope and constraints during a project cycle. Through the years, industry leaders have pioneered frameworks such as Scrum, Waterfall, and Kanban to help users tackle complex problems in order to serve their end result. Such frameworks provide guidelines and best practices, rather than definitive solutions.

Software development is evolving to higher standards, demanding a strategic approach to ensure project success. Orthoplex Solutions believes in evolutionary technology that benefits client projects and users alike. As a result, the cross-functional team created a synergistic approach to project management, combining the successful functions of the aforementioned frameworks with an agile mindset. Tools such as Clickup and Miro are used by the team to plan, conduct client reviews, and track progress.

Orthoplex Solutions mastered a set of agile mindset principles that increases client satisfaction and project efficiency. With reliable systems and adaptable strategies, they continue to provide high-quality deliverables that expedite timelines and meet customer demands. For instance, amidst the chaos of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Orthoplex Solutions seamlessly implemented online booking systems for pharmacies which helped manage over 1,000 vaccine and testing appointments. When project management is effective, it maintains quality control and corrective action from start to finish. Orthoplex Solutions’ unique approach allows them to manage multiple projects simultaneously without sacrificing quality or results.

As of recently, Orthoplex Solutions has expanded its partnerships within the industry. They have built strong relationships with payment processing organizations, ERP implementation firms, cyber security companies, and digital marketing agencies. These partnerships have diversified their abilities, allowing Orthoplex Solutions to tackle various projects effectively, and offer complementary services which are critical to their clients’ success. A prime example is that of Joshua Creek Tennis Club. The website was revamped to position the club as a high performance training center as Canada’s top tennis athletes train in their academy. After the rebranding and redesign, a 220% increase in time spent by visitors was observed and the club noticed a significant improvement of their brand image.

Ultimately, Orthoplex Solutions focuses on the individual needs of the client’s business. They build deliverables that are catered to the success strategies of each business, ensuring growth milestones are reached every step of the way. Orthoplex Solutions believes in processes that embrace change and build relationships. More information can be found about Orthoplex Solutions’ services at 

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