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Streamline their Operations, Increase their Engagement, and Achieve a Greater Impact through our Creative Web and App development solutions.

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Orthoplex provides end-to-end software development and hosting solutions for non-profit organizations including WordPress and Custom web and app development.

Client Testimonials

Listen to what Justin, Founder of Building Bridges Psychotherapy, had to say about working with Orthoplex Solutions

Justin Michel
Building Bridges Psychotherapy, Founder


Dynamic no-code website

We build websites using a user-friendly platform which allows you and your team to easily perform your everyday tasks and updates.

AI Chatbot

This is one of the most advanced tools to engage with your website visitors, answer their questions, qualify your leads, and collect their data.

Advanced Filters

These filters allow your users to narrow down and search for specific content based on various criteria beyond the basic search bar.

Interactive visual effects

These visual effects hook your users and provide them with a seamless user experience. We add these effects to keep your customers engaged and prolong their session time.

Advanced Search Feature

This tool helps your visitors find specific content that might not easily be discovered through browsing or basic search.

Premium image optimization

Image optimization is crucial for website loading speed and performance. This tool ensures that all images added to your website are ideal for web usage.

Premium caching

This tool significantly improves your website speed, performance, and user experience.


Orthoplex has developed websites and apps for many non-profit organizations over the last 9 years. 

Our team offers expertise beyond development. Our background in the field of business, engineering, and marketing positions us as trusted advisors for your non-profit organization.


Orthoplex Solutions has over 9 years of experience specializing in custom web and app development. We’ve successfully delivered 500+ projects, helping organizations streamline operations, increase engagement, and achieve greater impact. Our focus on performance, data security, and scalability ensures that your digital presence is both effective and reliable.
We specialize in crafting custom websites and web applications that effectively showcase your nonprofit’s achievements and mission impact. Through interactive features, user-friendly interfaces, and dynamic content integration, we help your story resonate with supporters, encouraging greater engagement and donations.
Yes, ensuring your nonprofit’s website security is a priority at Orthoplex Solutions. We implement cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions, including malware protection and regular backups, to safeguard your data against potential threats. Our measures extend to protecting donor information and sensitive data, providing peace of mind for your organization and supporters.
Absolutely. Seamless CRM integration is crucial for effective donor management and operational efficiency. We offer Zoho CRM consultation and implementation services tailored to your nonprofit’s needs, enhancing automation and scaling capabilities to optimize your internal processes and donor relationships. Plus we offer training programs to your staff.
Our comprehensive hosting and maintenance services ensure your digital assets are protected, optimized, and available 24/7. Whether you need secure hosting solutions or ongoing maintenance to keep your website running smoothly, Orthoplex Solutions provides the support your nonprofit needs to focus on its core mission.
Managing and maintaining large data volumes is a common challenge for nonprofits. We offer scalable hosting and data management services that ensure your website operates seamlessly and reliably, even with extensive data requirements.
Orthoplex Solutions specializes in implementing custom donation platforms tailored to your nonprofit’s specific needs. From selecting the right donation tools to integrating them seamlessly with your systems, we ensure a secure and streamlined process for collecting and tracking donations. This helps maintain a consistent flow of donors, supporting your organization’s sustainability and growth.

Michael Salib, P.Eng, MBA

CEO & Co-founder

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