Michael Salib,

P.Eng, MBA

Meet Michael, a highly experienced product designer and manager with over 7 years of industry expertise. As a licensed Professional Engineer (P.Eng), he brings a wealth of technical knowledge and innovative thinking to the Orthoplex Solutions team.

At Orthoplex Solutions, Michael focuses on business development and marketing. With his strategic vision and strong marketing skills, he plays a key role in driving the company’s growth and success. Michael’s deep understanding of both engineering and business principles keeps Orthoplex Solutions ahead of industry trends and ensures a competitive edge.

Before co-founding Orthoplex Solutions, Michael honed his engineering skills at Magna International, a well-known automotive supplier. He worked on product engineering at Modatek Systems in Milton, Ontario, and Vehma International in Troy, Michigan. Notably, he led the product engineering efforts for the Ford Ranger and Ford Bronco chassis projects, demonstrating his technical expertise and leadership abilities. Michael was also one of the early pioneers at Magna, contributing to innovative Battery Tray technologies. Throughout his tenure, he designed various body and chassis assemblies for esteemed automotive brands like Ford, Tesla, and Chrysler.

In addition to his engineering background, Michael holds an MBA from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. This unique blend of engineering expertise and business knowledge enables him to make informed decisions and drive strategic growth for Orthoplex Solutions.

Outside of work, Michael has a passion for competitive tennis. He excelled as a player and served as the captain of the McMaster varsity tennis team. His exceptional skills and dedication earned him multiple awards, and he even reached the finals of the OUA (Ontario University Athletics) championships. This commitment to excellence extends into every aspect of his life, fostering a strong work ethic and an unwavering drive to succeed.

With Michael’s extensive experience, technical know-how, and business leadership, Orthoplex Solutions continues to thrive as a leading provider of advanced software solutions.