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Orthoplex Solutions Launched The World’s First Free Online Toy Store for children, Dayra.ca!

Toronto, Canada – 02 April 2024 – Orthoplex Solutions, a Canadian software development company founded in 2015, is proud to announce the launch of Dayra.ca. Dayra is the world’s first free online toy store for children in Canada and the USA, dedicated to introducing children to the wonders of technology.

How it All Started

The idea for Dayra.ca sprouted from a deeply personal place for the Orthoplex Solutions founders, three siblings who grew up witnessing the power of generosity firsthand. As children, they regularly accompanied their mother on visits to orphanages, sharing gifts and creating lasting memories with those children. This instilled in them a profound desire to replicate that impactful giving on a larger scale, paving the way for Dayra’s creation years later.

Addressing a Growing Need in North America

The Orthoplex Solutions founders recognize the financial struggle faced by many families in North America. Dayra allows families to experience the thrill of online shopping and witness the joy it brings to their children.

A Simple Idea with a Significant Impact

Dayra operates on a straightforward yet impactful concept. Vouchers are distributed to parents who are registered with foodbanks across Canada and the United States, granting them the ability to purchase a gift through the website. The Foodbanks’ established networks and shared commitment to serving their communities ensure that Dayra reaches families who will truly benefit from this initiative.

The store releases new toys several times a year, allowing families to choose a special gift during designated product release windows. This approach allows for an equal opportunity to all participants and prevents misuse, maximizing the initiative’s impact.

Dayra.ca the world's first free online toy store for children in Canada and the USA

Figure 1: All parents registered with the Dayra partner foodbanks receive a voucher with a unique number. This number is used on the website during checkout to allow parents to purchase one gift per child.

Beyond Business, a Ripple Effect of Kindness

The positive impact of Dayra extends far beyond the initial act of giving. Witnessing the overwhelming response from existing clients eager to contribute and new customers drawn to the initiative’s purpose has been a heartwarming experience for the Orthoplex Solutions team. 

Empowering Children, One Toy at a Time

Dayra is dedicated to reaching as many children as possible across Canada and the United States. The initiative’s long-term goal is not only to spark joy, but to foster a love for technology in young minds. By introducing them to the wonders of the digital world, Dayra hopes to empower children and unlock their potential for future exploration and innovation.

Dayra.ca the world's first free online toy store for children in Canada and the USA

Figure 2: Dayra accompanies each gift with an inspirational message, aiming to uplift and inspire the children receiving them.

Contribute to our cause

We invite you to learn more about Dayra.ca, the world’s first free online toy store for children in Canada and USA and explore how you can contribute to its mission of bridging the digital divide and bringing joy to children.

Together, let’s create a world where every child has the opportunity to experience the magic of technology and the excitement of online shopping.

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