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Orthoplex Solutions starts Consulting Services in MENA

At Orthoplex Solutions, we are known for our consulting and automation framework improvements in Northern America.

One of our key partners in the MENA region is Fresh Electric, a significant corporation manufacturing fans, gas cookers, air conditioner units, and other home appliances. They operate over 10 industrial plants across Egypt and export to over 20 countries globally.

Our work with Fresh includes bringing a different approach to the LEAN and 6-Sigma methodologies to the Egyptian workshop floor. Through simple modernization initiaves, we are significantly improving the everyday business of the managers, engineers and operators and making breakthroughs in their processes.

We can summarize the technological projects we have with Fresh, where we are seeing immediate operational excellence, in two main categories:

1. IoT and Big Data:

Because we live in a world where the manufacturing industry is becoming more and more connected, machines are producing a significant amount of data. We use smart data analysis and systems to turn this data into factual added-value information. Our project include include predictive maintenance, task planning and quality monitoring.

2. Digitlization: 

Like casual wearables, we always want to use the right technology at the right moment and place for the right person who can benefit from mobile technology. Our main application projects include activities directly related to the workshop floor, the flow of processes and the digitalization of all paper related to productivity and quality checks.

For Orthoplex, starting our consulting services in Egypt and the MENA region is like a sandbox for our Industry 4.0 projects that provides different opportunities so that we can keep and improve the ones with the most significant potential.

More information can be found about Orthoplex Solutions’ services at https://orthoplexsolutions.com 

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