Orthoplex Solutions starts Consulting Services in MENA

At Orthoplex Solutions, we are known for our consulting and automation framework improvements in Northern America. One of our key partners in the MENA region is Fresh Electric, a significant corporation manufacturing fans, gas cookers, air conditioner units, and other home appliances. They operate over 10 industrial plants across Egypt and export to over 20 […]

AccessiBe Partnership Announcement

More and more internet users have gone digital over the past year and a half. According to PC Magazine, websites are seeing a 47% surge in traffic. It is then essential to keep your company’s website up-to-date with the latest laws and legislation to maintain relevance and competitiveness. Among the aspects of website integrity, accessibility […]

Orthoplex Solutions Leverages Project Management Strategies With An Agile Mindset

project management team

Project management exists at the forefront of every successful software development journey. In a constantly changing industry, it is essential to maintain adaptable strategies that evolve alongside project needs. The foundation of project management was created to solve the biggest problems developers face, which is handling the continuous change in scope and constraints during a […]