Project Alpha: Smart AMRs for smart factories in MENA

Project Alpha is about stylishly reinventing the autonomous mobile robot. Our AMR will automate all your warehouse handling tasks so your business can scale and outperform the competition.

Automate Warehouse tasks with more efficiency

We design the best AMR for your shop floor tasks. Implementation leads to up to 90% reduction in warehouse handling costs, allowing resources to be invested elsewhere.

Unleash the full potential of your facility

Our AMR creates an efficient autonomous delivery network for your warehouse. Connect up to 100 AMRs to improve productivity and reduce operational costs.

Revolutionizing warehouse Management

Meet the AMR designed by Project Alpha: the unstoppable robot that will transform your warehouse management. It's sleek, stylish and enhances your productivity and efficiency. With its superior speed and safety features, it allows you to achieve more in less time.

Seizing every moment

Our powerful and agile AMR is designed to deliver 150 kg of payload at a speed up to 2 m/s, setting it apart from other robots. It maximizes fleet productivity and helps your business reach new heights.

A higher aim

With over 12,000 hours of experience in designing and deploying robots, Project Alpha designed an AMR built upon proven chassis, while introducing new features that take performance to new heights. Our team is excited to continue pushing the boundaries of vehicle engineering.

Enhanced Wheel System

The dual Omni wheel design redefines mobility by making the AMR able to turn in place. This design makes the AMR able to move in any direction with unparalleled ease, allowing for greater efficiency and productivity in warehousing tasks.

Removable Battery that prevents downtime

The battery is ingeniously and easily locked or released, eliminating the downtime due to charging. You can keep track of the battery level and other indicators on the HMI screen.

modules for more automation performance

Our AMR is designed to be enhanced with our innovative top modules, unlocking advanced capabilities. Our modules give limitless potential and remarkable performance that embrace the future of automation.

Rolling Module

This module enables efficient movement of loads between roller conveyors, ensuring smooth and controlled operations.

Elevating Module

Designed for heavy pallets or pallet stacks, this module provides programmable payload lifting capabilities.

Picking Module

With this module, you can significantly increase productivity by up to three times, enabling your AMR to outperform itself by 60% in terms of speed and payload capacity.

Unlocking the Power of Collective Intelligence

Our swarm system is an awe-inspiring feature that epitomizes the power of collective intelligence, by harnessing the potential of numerous AMRs working together towards a common task and creating a remarkable synergy that surpasses the capabilities of any single AMR.

keeping your facility safe and efficient

Our AMR optimizes facility operations with dynamic mapping and automatic traffic enforcement. You can visualize and customize traffic rules for the most efficient routes, track executed jobs and enjoy uninterrupted navigation with cutting-edge technology.

Boost efficiency with a powerful fleet manager

Our fleet management software monitors job progress with customizable dashboards and performance trackers. It seamlessly integrates with your existing ERP and MES workflows using REST-APIs. Our AMR can collaborate with other connected devices in your facility for efficient warehouse handling.

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Start the journey towards a successful future through automation

Discover how our AMR take your operations to the next level by decreasing up to 90% of warehouse handling costs.